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Muslim flight attendant suspended for not serving alcohol
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A Muslim flight attendant for ExpressJet says she was wrongly suspended from her job last month because she refused to serve alcohol to passengers, citing her religious beliefs. Charee Stanley, a Detroit-based flight attendant for …
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France carries out second surveillance flight over Syria
The flight was carried out to "acquire intelligence on the terrorist group Daesh," said the statement, using an Arabic acronym for the jihadists who control parts of Syria and Iraq. France has been part of a US-led coalition bombing IS positions in …
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Norwegian flight attendant announces to passengers he caught a couple having
This mile high club initiation did not remain a secret. A display of affection was made very public thanks to a Norwegian airline flight attendant who announced on a flight that two passengers had been caught fornicating in the bathroom as the plane …
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